Friday, December 23, 2011

Day 40 - Christmas Eve Eve

Rest day!

Greetings, friends; and a merry, merry Christmas eve eve to you. I'm currently baking (again). I've taken on dessert duty for Sunday, so I'm making red velvet cake balls. They are the greatest thing you'll ever taste, guaranteed. Have you ever tried them?

Today was an awesome rest day. My mom and I went to lunch at Alewife, a pub in Baltimore, and then went over to The Hippodrome to see The Lion King. Lest you be confused, as two of my friends were, this was the traveling Broadway show, not the 3D theater version. So, when I say I laughed and cried, please don't think I was watching the animated version that we all saw when we were in elementary school. It was an absolutely incredible show. The costumes were breathtakingly beautiful and original; the music, instrumental and voice alike, were moving. I'd definitely recommend it if it comes to a city near you.

Tonight, I will relax and bake, spending some Leslie-alone-time before joining my family for the next two days to celebrate. Tomorrow, I will run and then head over to my sister and brother-in-law's house to begin the festivities. As you know from a previous post, they are expecting. Even more exciting, now, is the news that they are expecting TWINS!

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