Sunday, December 18, 2011

Day 34 - Mish-Mash

Today's schedule run: 12 miles

Today's completed run: 12.06 miles
Pace: 8:55 (avg.)

Another run that I am so pleased with and encouraged by. Y'all, I really enjoy running. Have I mentioned that? The weather was great, I felt strong, and it was a really nice time to think and pray and sing. I also threw in some hills, which challenged me in all the right ways. Loved it, though I confess that I'm a little sore now.

Moving on, I do realize (shame on me) that it is technically no longer day 34. The night has crept into Day 35, but since I'm still awake from day 34, I say it counts. Today was full. Full, full, full.

After the run this morning, a friend and I prepared for the Christmas party we hosted tonight at my house. It was a phenomenal mish-mash of people from multiple areas of my life: church in DC, people from school in Baltimore, my family, and some friends-of-friends. It was great, though. We ate yummy food, had some great laughs, sang lots of songs, and went to see the lights in Hampden. Overall, a smashing time.

Afterwards, I used our new Dyson vacuum as soon as everyone was gone. For me, that was almost as exciting as the party itself. (Disclaimer: Dyson did not pay me to say that; nor did they give me the vacuum for free.) Now you know how awesome I am in real life. I get excited about vacuums.

Until tomorrow...

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