Sunday, January 1, 2012

Day 49 - Hello, 2012

On today's schedule was a bit of cross-training. I came close to trail run, but wind and rain drove me inside, so my dad (cyclist extraordinaire) set up the trainer in the basement for me. I got in 15.9 miles in an hour. It was so nice to be on a real bike, not a silly stationary bike at the gym. Even though the real bike was on the trainer, thereby rendering it stationary, it just felt different. It was a satisfying ride and a nice way to usher in 2012, in terms of work-outs.

Following my little jaunt on the bike and dinner, I headed to the attic to sort through bins full of things, things from high school and college. Gasp! It was funny to look at CDs (what are those, anyway?) and pictures and even some term papers. All the memories came rushing back, which was mostly hilarious.

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