Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Day 59 - Erratic Pacing

Today's scheduled run: 7 miles

Today's completed run: 7 miles
Pace: 8:55 (avg.) with splits ranging from 9:07 (slowest, mile 1) to 8:34 (fastest, mile 7)

I successfully yet inadvertently completed a negative split, the term used when the second half of your run is faster than the first. I would like to know myself well enough as a runner to be able to know that my paces are that erratic. I think the Garmin will help me in this area, because I can see instantly what my pace is and know how I feel. Strangely, though, the first two miles, which were moderately-paced, felt torturous, while the last 3, which were quickly-paced, felt awesome. I think it was just a weird running day. It was also cloudy and rainy and almost dark. Still, the miles are done.

I've been having some weird Rocky Balboa moments while running around Baltimore. I suppose the city and Philly are somewhat similar in appearance depending on where you are, i.e. more industrial, a lot of row homes, narrow streets, etc. Every now and then, particularly around train tracks, I imagine myself also climbing the steps at the Philadelphia Museum of Art and throwing a few punches. Depending on where I am and how I'm feeling, I might throw the punches mid-run anyway, just for kicks. Or punches. This is especially prone to happen if "Eye of the Tiger" is playing. (The '90s were too cool for school.)

I do often find myself running through Little Italy, just like Rocky. However, no one has ever started cheering for me or high-fiving mid-run. Then again, I also don't hurdle benches. And the whole city of Baltimore doesn't run after me with encouraging shouts. But those are just a few minor differences between us.

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  1. Occasionally I'll feel like skipping while on a run. My nike+ has no idea how to track skipping. My pacing is terrible, which is why when I run half marathons I pray for a pace group because otherwise I might forget to stop skipping.

    Minor details about the differences between you and Rocky. Bet he couldn't run 7 miles.