Monday, January 16, 2012

Day 63 - The Day I Loved Life

That title is a bit of a misnomer, as I love life on most days. Still, today was really a day where I was so happy to be alive, in Baltimore, knowing the people that I know.

My morning included some putzing (what a great word) around the house before church. Church was phenomenal. I'm so thankful for the community I've found there and the way the Lord is working. One time, I will tell you about it; but 12:40 am is not that time. Post-church, a handful of us headed over to Fells Point to eat at Tortilleria Sinaloa. I'd never been there before, but I will definitely be going back. It's totally legit, and I loved it.

By the time I stopped by the grocery store and then came home, I only had a short time to get some sort of cross-training in, so I got in 5 miles on the trainer. Not really a big deal, but it was something.

A friend from the DC-area arrived around 5:30 and after chatting we drove over to Fells Point to revisit Tortilleria Sinaloa. Yes, it was so good that I would eat there twice in one day. Much to my disappointment, it was closed. We didn't see anything else in Fells Point that caught our attention, so we headed over to Harbor East and stumbled upon Talara, where we feasted like kings on some amazing food. It was so good, in fact, that we ordered a second round of one of the dishes we got. So, if you live anywhere near Baltimore and you like to eat, I'd definitely recommend both of these places.

In short: awesome day, awesome people, awesome eating.

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