Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Day 51 - Road Trippin'

Today's scheduled run: 4 miles

Today's completed run: 4 miles
Pace: 8:59 (avg.)

I squeaked out that sub-9:00 pace tonight, and it was a struggle. I think that may have been because I sat in a car all day driving back from NC with my dad. That might be an excuse, but I think it's a good one. :) We had a funny drive back, because we are hilarious; but you might only agree with that after hour three of eight.

80's night
Also funny are the treasures I found while sorting through a bunch of stuff at the house in North Carolina. These included many artifacts from high school and earlier.
So many questions...

Grossest find: my hospital bracelet from when I had stitches in my chin after a bike accident at age 9... with the stitches themselves! Yes, wrapped in gauze were the actual stitches. SO.GROSS.

Weirdest find: there are too many to name.

Memory lane finds: lots of books and stuffed animals, trophies from sports, notes from friends, a few college term papers, and pictures, of course.

On the left: an 80's night with some youth group girls in high school. So much makeup! | On the right: me, with EmG - I have no idea where we are, why there is a giant inflatable ice cream cone, or what I was thinking with the Princess Leia buns. I promise to not do those again if my hair grows back!

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  1. Omigosshhhhh!!!!!!!!
    We were driving back from the leader's retreat with Kimberly and Alyssa Perrone, as I recall :-)