Thursday, January 12, 2012

Day 60 - Old Faithful

Today's scheduled run: 4 miles

Today's completed run: 4 miles (or 3.9998, if you consult Garmin's non-rounded- number)
Pace: 8:24 (avg)

I felt really strong today. Helping me along was the little guy on the left. In case you are actually technologically advanced and are unfamiliar with this small white thing, that is an original iPod Shuffle. Released January 11, 2005, this baby was all the rage when I got it, which I think was shortly after it's release date. I even have an armband made just for it. I guess if I was really cool I would have used the lanyard attachment that came with it, but I can only handle so much cool at once.

My family in NC returned the shuffle to me while I was home for Christmas, informing me that it no longer worked. I was skeptical. This is an Apple product after all; they don't break... ever. (Except for that one iPod touch I have that's only ever given me trouble, but that's not the point.) Anyway, back to the point - I occasionally enjoy running with music, and I've very much appreciated it during these last few runs, which I fear would have been sluggish and boring otherwise. However, I really hate running with my iPhone - it feels so big, and it doesn't ever seem to sit on my arm properly. Enter: Gen. 1 iPod Shuffle, which I was certain would work despite my family's statements that it is dead. Needless to say, I was right; and this little stick of an iPod has made the perfect running companion for me.

I'm all about technological advances. I love my iPhone, and I love my MacBook Pro; but I can honestly say that Old Faithful has carried the day better than the iPhone for running. I guess it's carried the day better than my MacBook, too. Could you imagine me trying to run with that?

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