Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Day 52 - Frozen Skin

Today's scheduled run: 7 miles

Today's completed run: 7.06 miles, because I took a wrong turn
Pace: 8:48 (avg.)

It was about 30 degrees when I set out today, which is colder than I'm normally willing to run in. Still, I couldn't bear the thought of 7 miles on the treadmill. The top of me was well covered - a skull cap, hat and hood to cover the head, a Nike cold weather shirt and sweatshirt for the core, and running gloves. The bottom of me, on the other hand, was not so well provided for. I was at a loss for what to wear, so I went with what I had - running tights. They are great tights, but I think I need a thicker pair (or maybe two at once?) for days like today. Upon arriving home, I had that obnoxious itch and redness all over my legs. I've always wondered why that happens, so I took to Google. Did you know that your skin can actually freeze? Or that you can be allergic to the cold? So interesting!

Post-run, I had the pleasure of dinner and a movie with a friend from school. Also included in there were some red velvet cupcakes. We watched True Grit, which is one of the best recently released films, in my opinion. Thank you, Coen brothers, for another incredible movie with lines: from, "I do not entertain hypotheticals. The world itself is vexing enough." -Col. Stonehill; to, "Ground's too hard. Them men wanted a decent burial, they should have got themselves killed in summer." - Rooster Cogburn

I also did some thinking today about the coming year. I'm not one for resolutions, and the idea of a bucket list doesn't quite appeal to me for some reason, but I'm beginning to entertain the idea of a 25-for-25 list. This year, on July 14, I will turn 25. I suppose a real 25-for-25 list would begin then and carry-on until July 14, 2013; but I don't like to do things conventionally. So, I'm going to make a list of 25 things I want to do this year (2012), the year I turn 25. More on this once I've completed the list. Who knows? Maybe I'll do this until I turn 85, and then I'll have to devise a list of 85 things to do... from my wheelchair.

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