Monday, January 23, 2012

Day 71 - Impromptu Hiatus

I realized just a few minutes ago that the last three days were void of any real exercise. This was somewhat accidental. After running my long run on Friday, I expected to do a short recovery run on Saturday and normal cross-training on Sunday, but icy/snowy weather and weekend travels prohibited both. Ironically, the three days of rest came just as my training is reaching its peak.

This week, my weekday mileage rises to the highest it will be during these 18 weeks of training. It's a 5-8-5 trio for Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday. I'll repeat it for a few weeks before I begin a sort of taper and then head into my actual taper and then... the marathon! It's approaching quickly, and now that school things are picking up again, I know the time will really begin flying soon. It'll be here before I know it; I hope I'll be ready!

Speaking of school, all of my classes have started again. This semester will undoubtedly be more challenging than last semester, which I'm looking forward to, because parts of last semester were stupidly easy. I have some great professors, and I'm getting into more specialized topics in my classes, which is so exciting.

Tonight, I left class (Industrial Social Services and Social Policy) so confident that social work is exactly what I'm supposed to be studying. This was incredibly encouraging and needed. Maybe one day I'll write a post on how social workers do so much more than work for the Department of Social Services. Until then, I'm content to tell you that this MSW is going to prepare me to do exactly what I want to do: help people do what they set out to do well. That's really what I care about.

Okay, I have 5 miles to run in the morning and I'm already feeling a little tight, so I'm off to get some good sleep. I'm looking forward to hitting the road again, even though I really wish it was summer!

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