Saturday, November 19, 2011

Day 6 - Oh Say Can You See

Today's scheduled run: 8 miles

Today's completed run: 8.35 miles (double woot!)

The Fort
I'm glad to report that it is a beautiful day in Baltimore. It was in the low 40s when I set out this morning, but the sun was shining brilliantly. Perfect conditions for a fall run, and I decided to venture over to Ft. McHenry. I played around on MapMyRUN last night to figure out how to craft an 8-mile route out of that. It turned out to be relatively easy, as Ft. McHenry is just over 4 miles from my house. How convenient!
Ft. McHenry entrance

As I was approaching the Fort, I was inspired by imagining the broad stripes and bright stars, the rockets' red glare, and the bombs bursting in air. Sound familiar? I felt triumphant.

As I ran the loop and headed out of the site, however, I mostly felt the headwind into which I was running . Still, it was a strong run for me. I averaged a 9:01 mile, which is really where I'd like to be. All in all, a very encouraging run. Yay!

Good things about today's run: beautiful sun, strong pace, running past the Domino's Sugar plant (yummy smells) and lots of other runners on the road.
Less-than-good things about today's run: too many layers when in the sun, and I need a running buddy. Any takers?

And now, for something completely unrelated to running: I got a pair of TOMS today -- an early Christmas present from my mom. In her words, there could not be a more "Leslie" pair of shoes. They say "Carpe Diem" on them and -- for my favorite detail -- the insides are a world map! I'm so excited to wear them and to remind myself to seize the day, every day.


  1. Cool shoes! Mom comes through.;-) We def need to meet at Ft. McHenry... but it'll have to be on a warmer day. hehe

  2. I love your blog. And look at you go! Over 8 miles! I'm impressed. I did 4 today and I agree - it was perfect running weather.

    Also - I have a new found love for my Toms. I bought them awhile ago, but just started wearing them. Yours are cute. Just like you.

  3. love the shoes...gwen has been begging for these for a solid year now....
    enjoying your blog as well.. :)