Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Day 16 - Wrong Turn

Today's scheduled run: 3 miles

Today's completed run: 3.67 miles
Pace: 8:10

Although the weather has since turned, it was absolutely beautiful this morning when I left for a run. I headed out a little later than planned, because I read today's "Watch for the Light" before I even got out of bed. By the time I left at 7:15, it was a balmy 65... in November! The sun was shining, though I think the birds were too confused by the warm temperature to be singing.

My plan was to run a quick three miles. I was intending to try and run at a faster pace than normal, just to see what I could do. Well, I ran my little heart out. I ran it so far out that I forgot a turn and wound up running 3.67, instead of 3 miles. I knew I was running more expeditiously than usual, so I was really confused when I began approaching the 28 minute mark and had still not finished. I kept wondering, "Am I actually running really slowly? Do I have cement legs today?"

I needed to know what was wrong with this equation, so I headed to MapMyRUN right when I got home. I discovered that I'd added the .67 by accident. The route I ran is a portion of a 4.5-mile route I like to run. In my speed-induced delirium, I must have combined the two. Still, seeing that I ran an average 8:10 pace for the 3.67 miles was very encouraging. It makes me want to do a 5k to see if I can come in around 25 minutes. I've never come in under 30 in an official 5k, though I also haven't run one in quite some time. It's nice to see this kind of improvement. I don't want running to become a numbers game, but I like paying attention to them nonetheless.

I'm so glad I ran this morning, because Baltimore is back to yucktastic weather. It is expected to stay through the night, which is actually perfect for hiding away in the library and writing a paper.

Until tomorrow...

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  1. Leslie, thanks so much for finding my blog! I'm so excited that we are training for the same race! I just checked out your training plan - it looks pretty similar to mine. Did you get it from Runner's World by any chance? I'm glad we can follow and encourage one another through the training process. 26.2 miles still sounds like a ridiculously long distance to me! :)