Sunday, November 27, 2011

Day 14 - Highway Miles

Greetings from route 81 in Draper Valley, Va.!

Dad and I are headed back to Maryland after a 4-day stint with the family in the mountains of North Carolina. I didn't have any time to write this morning between my Wii workout, church, lunch at my favorite Mexican restaurant and hanging out with some friends; so I'm writing now.

Yes - you read that correctly -- my Wii workout.

I did a variety of workouts, ranging from muscle-shaking yoga poses to this one ridiculous activity involving my Mii in a chicken suit and me having to flap my arms like wings. It was quite the cross-training event. I might want to fine-tune it a bit were I going to do this on a regular basis, which I'm not, but I could see how the Wii could be a good workout tool, sans the chicken suit activity, of course.

That's all for now. I'm praying for a good transition back to "real life" tomorrow. P.S. 124 requires a lot of energy, something I'm feeling a little low on right now.

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